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    Is your WHIS broken, or does it have a technical defect? Then you would like to have it repaired. Even when you no longer have a warranty, you can have it repaired. Our repair technicians are specially trained to optimally examine and repair your WHIS. When you have your WHIS repaired by us, all defective parts are replaced by original WHIS parts. 

    If you return a WHIS to us for repair and it turns out that it does not meet the warranty conditions, examination costs will be charged. These examinations costs amount to € 25.00 including VAT and will have to be paid before we can return your WHIS to you. However, these examination costs do not have to be paid if you clearly indicate on the repair form what is wrong with your WHIS and if after the check of the repairers it appears that your information is correct. If a repair is performed, only the repair costs will be charged. 



    Do you want us to repair your WHIS? Register your repair at and send it to us. When completing the repair form, clearly state which parts are defective and/or which problems you encounter during use. If you can clearly describe the problem and the repairers confirm the problem, the eventual examination costs will be eliminated.
    Please make sure your WHIS is packed securely in a box so it cannot be damaged on the way. WHIS is not liable for the package and the contents sent by you. You as the sender are responsible for the shipping and any damage or loss during shipping.

    Return address:
    Returns and Repairs WHIS
    Van Heemstraweg 25
    6657 KD Boven-Leeuwen


    WHIS products have a 2-year warranty. If you have a complaint that is covered under the warranty of two years, there are no examination and repair costs to be paid. Please note, the warranty only applies to the WHIS devices and not to the accessories (headsets, microphones, chargers, etc.) and only if the device has been used correctly.
    WHIS provides a 3-month warranty on the repair after completion of the repair. This warranty period starts at the time of shipment of the product to the customer. If the symptoms return within three months after delivery of the repaired product, WHIS will quote the price for a new repair.
    For the same cause of the symptoms, only the parts that were not replaced during the previous repair will be charged. If it turns out that the cause of the issue is different from that with the previous repair, the cost of the new repair will be charged to the customer.



    Below you will find the prices for WHIS repairs. Is it a repair of the Wireless model? Then please contact our customer service via 
    Prices shown include VAT, excluding shipping costs. Our general terms and conditions apply to all repairs.

    Screen repair € 40.00
    charging point repair € 20.00
    Changing the battery per piece € 25.00
    Repair on/off button € 30.00
    Plug input repair € 30.00
    Replacement of clip (backside) € 25.00