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    All prices mentioned on this website include 21% BTW.

    The WHIS Competition is labelled with the CE marking for European Union according to the provisions of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC. The WHIS Competition device is FCC approved. FCC ID: 2AH9FCOMPETITION. 2406-2476 MHz.
    The WHIS Original is labelled with the CE marking for European Union according to the provisions of the R&TTE Directive 2002/95/EC. 
    The WHIS Original is available with different frquencies.

    Before ordering and using the equipment outside the European Union, you have to observe the specific rules for transmission equipment that apply in your country. You need to inform yourself about the specific transmission equipment regulations.

    If the client orders products through the webshop, he/she should select the product of his/her choice and confirm his/her order by clicking “order”. Then the client should describe how he/she wants to receive his/her order. Then he/she should click the “order” button so that a new tab will appear with a form for the address of the client. This tab also details the terms and conditions, which should be accepted by the client. When the client then clicks the “continue” button, the order has been completed.

    During the order process the client can always move back to previous screens in the process by clicking the “edit” button or by pressing backspace. Orders via the webshop are always confirmed per e-mail to the e-mail address entered by the client. If the client orders products via the webshop, he/she has the right to return the products within 14 days after reception in the original state and packaging if the product does not meet his/her expectations. If the client wishes to collect the order in the showroom, the same steps as described above should be taken. The client should then select “collect” when choosing a shipping method.

    If we receive your order on a working day before 14:00 PM, the order will be sent the same day.
    If we receive your order on a weekend or on an official holiday, your order will be sent on the next working day.   

    If you have any special demands concerning shipping, please let us know my phone or e-mail. 
    You can always collect your order. You can indicate this during the order process by selecting the “collect order” option. 
    The shipping duration is as follows:
    1-2 days: the Netherlands and Belgium
    2-3 days: Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Sweden
    4-6 days: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Czechia
    6-12 days (depending on customs): Rest of the world

    Express delivery is possible,  please contact our customer service.
    DHL Express costs:
    Europe 1-2 days / 15 euro
    USA 3 days / 25 euro
    Australia 5 days / 35 euro
    The WHIS device is covered by a 2-year guarantee counting from the date of purchase.
    Please note, the warranty only applies to the WHIS devices and not to the accessories (headsets, microphones, chargers, etc.) and only if the device has been used correctly. Within this period, any material defects or manufacturing errors shall be solved by us for free, be it through repairs, replacement of parts, or replacement of the whole set. 
    This guarantee applies in any country in which this product is delivered by WHIS or by an official representative of WHIS. Damage resulting from improper use, as well as normal wear and tear and defects that have a negligible effect on the value of the set, are not covered by this guarantee.
    The guarantee is cancelled if repairs are performed by a service not recognised by WHIS, which includes the user, and/or if parts are used that were not originally part of the device.
    For the guarantee to be applicable, the defective goods should always be returned to WHIS together with the original proof of purchase. To use our services not included in the guarantee regulations, the complete set should be returned for assessment. Please also read the FAQ before returning your product.

    Right of revocation
    The client may cancel an agreement concerning the purchase of a product during a respite of 14 days without an explicit reason. The respite mentioned starts on the day after the day on which the client, or a third party appointed by the client in advance who is not the transporter, has received the product, or if the client has ordered multiple products in the same order: the day on which the client, or a third party appointed by him/her, receives the last product. WHIS may refuse an order of multiple products with different shipping times, but only if WHIS has explicitly informed the client of this prior to the order process. If the delivery of a product consists of various deliveries or components: the day on which the client, or a third party appointed by him/her, receives the last component.
    The complete Terms and Conditions can be read below or downloaded.