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    WHIS 02 The ROYAL BLUE Edition

    WHIS Funkgerät Royalblau


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    Bitte beachten Sie: Dieses Produkt ist für Kunden in Australien, den USA und Asien nur in schwarz erhältlich.

    Wireless Horse Instruction System. The transmission distance is more than 280 meters in open field without interference. 

    The royal blue set contains:
    - A red WHIS transmitter and WHIS receiver.
    - A 220 v. two port charger, you can charge both WHIS together.
    - A clipmicrophone with squelch function.
    - An earphone, comfortable fit and easy to use.
    - An extra earphone.
    - An extra microphone.

    - 2 years warranty on the devices.
    - The set is ready to use with multilingual user manual.

    Price set complete: 259 euro incl. VAT.