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    WHIS Competition

    This exclusive, registered design of WHIS has been developed in cooperation with top riders and is suited very well for competitive riders with high demands. The WHIS Competition has a completely isolated private connection. Our private connection technology ensures that the connection between the instructor and the rider is stable even at events where many instruction sets are used. The WHIS Competition offers the instructor and the rider the ability to communicate with each other (i.e. responding to the instructor). The headsets included are designed specifically with horse riding in mind and fit the ear hygienically. The WHIS Competition has the fastest connection speed without echo or resonance.

    Since the reply function is not always needed or desired, the various types of earpieces included can be applied to use the WHIS Competition only to listen. The WHIS Competition is very easy to use: you just have to turn the device on. The range of the WHIS Competition is guaranteed in practice up to 100 metres, which is more than sufficient for a dressage arena. The illuminated display has a unique design. It shows the battery status, connectivity and volume, which is pretty useful if you want to know what you are dealing with. The WHIS Competition comes with a replaceable battery, charger and worldwide plug. In short: we have thought of everything. The WHIS Competition is ready to use as soon as it arrives in its personalised case.

    • Every set has a private connection between 2 persons that cannot be tapped (optionally for 3 persons)
    • Operates completely automatically (you only have to turn on the device)
    • Can be used in two ways: replying or listening 
    • Illuminated display with connectivity, battery and volume status
    • Mute function
    • Range of 100 metres guaranteed in practice (500 metres in lab experiments)
    • Replaceable battery with 8 hour duration
    • 3.5 mm input jacket for headset (own headsets can also be used)
    • Micro USB charger with sealing flap
    • Charger with worldwide plug
    • 2 headsets with a reinforced cable, windshield (to prevent the microphone from responding to wind when used outdoors) and aluminium plug connection 
    • 1 mono earpiece with a reinforced cable and aluminium plug connection
    • 1 clip microphone with windshield (to prevent the microphone from responding to wind when used outdoors) and a reinforced cable and flexible silicone connection
    • Personalised case with belt
    • Instruction manual
    General information:
    Before using the equipment, please observe the specific rules for transmission equipment that apply in your country.

    Health notice:
    To prevent possible hearing damage; do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.
    CE declaration of conformity:
    WHIS is labelled with the CE marking for Europion Union according to the provisions of the R&TTE Directive1999/5/EC. This device is FCC approved. FCC ID: 2AH9FCOMPETITION. 2406-2476 MHz.